10 years’ experience in the industry of automotive electronic products; have the experience of pre-programs mainly on IVI system of Faw-hongqi, intelligent instrument of Zhongtai, full LCD instrument of Jinlong, New energy instrument of Geely, ect.; well know the development process, program management and requirement management of automobile industry.
Liu Miao
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Doctor. Research Area: Embedded Mechatronic Control System, Real-time System. 15 years’ experience in embedded system design; wrote the popular book of “Embedded System Interface Technology and Linux Driver Development” 10 years ago.
Experienced in software & hardware design, well know software development & test, Experienced in tests on basic functions of automotive instruments, automotive body system management and diagnostic service.
Mac Chen
20 years’ Linux development experience, specialized in Linux system software optimization and driver development; well know development process, project management and requirement management of automotive electronics; well know hardware design and development; well know team management and TS16949 process.
Huang Ying
Graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, 12 years’ experience in automobile intelligence system and the industry of vehicle-borne products (including 4 years’ overseas assignment); gained rich experience in team management, quality control and market operation; formerly in charge of development process and standard definitions of vehicle-borne information system software at company level, leading the team to pass ISO9001:2008 and CMMILEVEL3.
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