·Car gauge
·An embedded intelligent operating system based on Linux: Cross-platform, modularization, OpenSource
·Friendly human-computer interaction experience
·Quick boot: <2 sec.
·Security and stability
·upport the OpenGL ES2.0 three-dimensional (3D) graphics system
· Customization for language choosing /Theme switch
·Data read and interaction of CAN (Controller Area Network)
·100% independent intellectual property
Besides interface projection, with JetCase, you won’t need to worry about that you cannot lock your screen while your phone is navigating and you cannot see the navigational interface when a phone call comes, even it won’t interfere the navigation when phone App is running in background.

Working together with mapping patterns of phone, car engineer and other screens in car, JetCast can integrate app (such as maps) into automotive instrument panel. Through mapping and interconnecting with multiple media in a car, AutoIO has made a super gate to intelligent transportation experience for users with thier super instrumentation of AutoIO.
·Widely used, it almost can be applied in all embedded processors with MMU. Formed the industry standard, normally it is the first supportive operating system for a new processor.
·Multitasking, completely compatible for POSIX1.0 standard
·Monolithic kernel structure; high compatibility between multitasking kernel and driving program, document system.
·Widely support different graphical interfaces and fully verified. X-windows, QT, FLTK, microWindows etc.First supportive operating system of most graphical interfaces, easy to support OpenGL
·Authorized free kernel; complete open of source code, high customization.
·Active community development, new industry standard and easier functional support
·The operating system for server, its stability of kernel has been fully verified. In 2013, Linux server occupied 32.9% of the world market; 95.2% for supercomputer.
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