As a LCD instrument company with one core technology of underlying system, AutoIO specialize in the design, R&D, production and sales of LCD instrument. Ever since its foundation, as a young enterprise in the industry, the company has been rapidly recognized in the industry depending on its strong technology R&D capabilities as well as its international leading technology innovation.
The company has the complete ability of R&D and also has the vehicle-borne operating system platform with 100% intellectual property. The vehicle-borne operating system developed by our company is a real-time cross-platform system based on Linux technique. By adopting modular software architecture, it meets the requirements of cutting and rapid developing of the system. It also supports enhancing QML technique with OpenGL ES 3D engine and meets the needs of cool appearance. Meanwhile, it has the processing capacity with vehicle-borne bus (CAN/LIN, etc.), and can interact vehicle-borne data and user information with the Internet under the premise of safety.
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